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          Amphenol Automotive Connection System (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research and design of automotive connectors, automotive wiring harnesses, new energy vehicle connectors, wiring harnesses and other products, and is the mainstream supplier of domestic OEM. Our company has established a municipal automotive connector Engineering Technology Research Center. Our company attaches great importance to the design and innovation of new products. Our company invests more than 10 million RMB of special funds for product design, trial production, transformation and upgrading to meet the development requirements of the products, and is committed to building a technology research center with strong comprehensive performance integrating product design, harness design, equipment design and product testing.

          The research center has more than 100 design engineers now, of which more than 40 engineers have been engaged in connector product research and development for more than 5 years. it is equipped with a laboratory of nearly 1000 square meters and nearly 40 testing equipment, with a total investment of more than 10 million RMB, including environmental laboratory, mechanical laboratory, vibration laboratory, high frequency laboratory, etc. The laboratory has passed the certification of IEC17025 and Geely, which has laid a solid foundation for the product design, experiment and trial production capacity of a full set of automotive connectors and the smooth development of new products. While serving the scientific research tasks of the enterprise, the laboratory is also open to other companies.

          We have the software: CATIA / Pro-E / SolidWorks / UG / CAD , The product development process, digital simulation and other aspects can be fully connected with customers. The simulation software: ABAQUS, we can simulate the mating force, cycle life, heat dissipation, vibration and strength of the terminal.

          Our main products include new energy high-voltage connectors, gearbox connectors, vehicle communication connectors, airbag connectors, buckle connectors and other ten categories of products. With the development of vehicle market, our company's high-voltage connector is also focusing on fuel cell connectors, wireless charging connectors, CHAOJI charging connectors, and swapping connectors, focusing on the development of flat terminals, unshielding connectors, aluminum wire welding and other new products and processes. 

          In communication field, with the rapid development of automatic driving and intelligent driving, high-frequency connectors such as Ethernet, FAKRA, HSD, etc. are becoming the key development direction. Small installation volume, high shielding efficiency and simple structure of our high-frequency connectors are becoming the mainstream products.

          Our harness design department is also equipped with a strong engineering team. There are 45 wire harness engineers now. After the connector designed is developed, we can quickly integrate various connectors to complete the harness development. At present, we have large square ultrasonic welding, laser welding, resistance welding and other terminal welding, as well as laser welding and ultrasonic welding of plastic parts, ranging from 0.35mm2 to 120 mm2crimping, in terms of wire harness technology, our company has all the processing technologies that the wire harness industry should have.

          Our company also has strong design capability in connector production equipment and online testing equipment. According to the products independently developed, we can design and develop corresponding semi-automatic or full-automatic production equipment and online testing equipment for new product inspection. The self-developed production and testing equipment has not only been recognized by the company, but also recognized by other sister companies, It provides a strong guarantee for the company's product production capacity and product manufacturing quality, greatly shortens the entire product development cycle, saves the customer's investment cost in equipment, and also reduces the maintenance cost and maintenance time.

          Our company has 72 authorized patents, including 7 invention patents and 23 patents in the process of application. Our company has formulated the intellectual property management system, which covers all aspects of intellectual property management such as trademarks, patents, copyrights, domain names and business secrets, so as to improve the awareness of intellectual property rights of all staffs. In our company, we have formed an intellectual property work foundation,where the creation desire is respected, the creation activities are supported and the creation achievements are protected.



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